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News Release - November 17th 2000 - Orleans, MA

"Angels for Christmas" Program


We are pleased to announce the "Angels for Christmas" program to be run in conjunction with Citizens Bank of Southeastern Massachusetts.
Similar to the "Shamrock" program run at St. Patrick's Day and similar programs, the "Angels for Christmas Program" invites bank patrons to purchase an "Angel" for $1 upon which their name may appear. The "Angels" are displayed on the walls of the bank branch in which they were purchased. "Business Angels" are offered to commercial banking clients for $5 each.

All proceeds from this program benefit the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. Please - if you live in Southeastern Massachusetts - visit your local Citizens Bank branch and buy an "Angel for Christmas". These contributions help provide the fuel that keeps our Masonic Angel Fund
"propagation" and outreach programs running! (Photos)



The Trustees of the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund report that they have provided eye exams and eyeglasses for two children in the Orleans Elementary School. The report came to the MAF that these two children's mother is fighting a serious battle with cancer. Mom's treatment is occupying much of Dad's time and virtually all of the family's financial
resources. The request was brought to the Masonic Angel Fund because of our reputation for quick decisions in emergency situations. Both kids had failed their school eye exams. The family did not have the money to bring the boys to the optometrist or to purchase glasses. Moreover, another well-known benevolent program required that a two-page application form be completed - including detailed financial information. The school staff are acutely aware of the neediness of this family and the demands on the father's finances and psyche. The nurse did not want to burden him further with applications and requests for financial data. The good nurse approached MAF Trustee John Sherman for assistance.

Universal's Masonic Angel Fund went into action! It happens that a member of Universal Lodge is an optometrist. Bro. Sherman contacted that Brother, who offered immediate assistance. The nurse obtained permission from the family for her to take the boys to the eye doctor and told Dad that "the Masons are going to take care of this for you and your wife." Our Brother optometrist performed the examinations, prescribed the necessary eyeglasses and provided them to the boys in a day. 

This is yet another example of how important the role of the Masonic Angel Fund can be in situations of acute needs. This is also a prime example of why the Foundation requires that the school staff have screening authority for MAF grants. In this case, the nurse knew the entire family situation and was able to relate it to the MAF trustees effectively in a timely manner. Here is a situation where the parents are not only struggling with a frightening battle for Mom's survival - they are burdened with guilt for not being able to provide for their boys as they always have in the past. 

The last thing this family would have needed is the humiliation of "begging for charity" from some group where the family's identify would not be confidential. These are most likely "nice", working-class people who are truly embarrassed by their situation. 

This is a prime example of how important it is that the Masonic Angel Fund empower of the school professionals to deal with a situation as dire as this one. It also underscores the importance of confidentiality when working around MAF grants. The eye doctor and school nurse know who the kids are. The family knows that the Masons helped their boys when help
was most needed. However, the MAF Trustees and Lodge members need never know who they were.

Think about stories like this while you carve your Thanksgiving Turkey this year.


Pilgrim will hold its annual member appreciation dinner on December 7th. This year's event will feature a Seafood Buffet with a free dinner for Pilgrim Lodge members and $8 for non-members - every penny of which will benfit the Pilgrim Lodge Masonic Angel Fund. Reservations are recommended
- please call 508-432-0017.

December 15, 2000 - Cape Cod Commandery #54 annual Christmas Observance in Orleans, MA. This annual event has become the premiere Masonic fund raiser on Cape Cod over the past four years. This year's event will feature a CHARITY AUCTION prior to the Commandery Christmas program. All are welcome. Email for more information. 

Cribbage Tournament - Excellent High Priest Don Haden of Sylvester Baxter
Royal Arch Chapter reports that he is planning a winter cribbage
tournament to fund more matching grants for Lodges in the Provincetown
32nd Masonic District.
The web site ( <>) will shortly feature a "testimonials" section where licensed MAF's may post testimonial letters received from schools served by their local Masonic Angel Fund. 

Did you notice that the site now tallies over 1600 visits? We have received over 600 unique visits to the site since Saturday, October 28th. This is in a large part the result of a very effective email campaign conducted by webmaster, Wor. Mario Meré.
Keep checking the site for further details. We thank one and all for your outstanding support of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.