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News Release - October 5th 2000, Orleans, MA
On Monday October 2, 2000, the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. received a gift of $5,000 from Citizens Bank.

The major portion of this unrestricted charitable contribution from Citizens will be used for the benefit of Masonic Angel Fund's operating in the Southeastern Massachusetts region.  Specifically, the Foundation's directors have allocated eighteen (18) matching grants of $250 each for local Masonic Angel Funds in this region.  Each local fund will be granted up to $250 in matching funds for fund-raising activities between August 1, 2000 and May 31, 2001. 

Since most of the five licensed Masonic Angel Funds have already raised far more than $250, they will receive their grant checks at the October 28th York Rite Weekend banquet at Universal Lodge in Orleans
There are four more Lodges in Southeastern Massachusetts that are presently working with the Foundation's staff as they move through the process of adopting a Masonic Angel Fund.  Any Lodges licensed between now and May 31st may qualify for the matching grants until the threshold of eighteen is reached.  If 18 Masonic Angel Funds are not licensed in the region by May 31st, the remaining funds will be re-allocated as matching grants between the other licensed MAF's.
More information will be forthcoming in a joint press release by Citizens Bank and the Foundation in the next few weeks
We at the Masonic Angel Foundation are delighted by this gesture of confidence on the part of Citizens Bank.  While we enjoy a wonderful association with the people at Citizens, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the bank's gift.  This inspires us to work all the harder to promote the adoption of Masonic Angel Fund's throughout this and other Grand Jurisdictions
As one of the friends of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc., we hope that you will stop by Citizens Bank at Post Office Square in Orleans (or your local branch, if you're not on the Lower Cape) and tell the nice people there how much you appreciate their most generous support of the Foundation.  The name of the local Branch Manager there is Mrs. Diana Tubman.  Her assistant's name is Susan Farley.  Please be sure to thank these women for their efforts on our behalf