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News Release - September 27, 2000, Orleans, MA


We are pleased to announce another new license for the Masonic Angel Fund.

#3 King Hiram's Lodge A.F. & A.M., Provincetown, Massachusetts 9/11/2000


As of this writing, our affiliate Masonic Angel Funds have raised a total of $2,600 in the last six weeks.  We are very proud of the fund-raising success enjoyed by our new MAF's.  Once again, this underscores our premise that the Brethren will give generously to help children in need.
We continue to work with other Lodges thoughout Massachusetts - and now in other jurisdictions - as they commence the process of adopting a Masonic Angel Fund for their community. New requests came in last week from Virginia, South Dakota, Iowa and Nova Scotia.


If you would like to explore MAF adoption for your Lodge, please drop an email to for further information.



Past Grand High Priest/GRAC-MA, John Millard MacNeill was guest speaker at a meeting of the Massachusetts Masonic Secretaries Association on September 25, 2000.  He spoke in detail about the Masonic Angel Fund program and how it can serve as a community service and "rebuilding program" for Lodges with even the most meager of resources.  Several new adoption leads have come from that successful meeting.



Michael Kaulback, Awareness Chairman for Massachusetts Council and Commandery, spoke at the Massachusetts Masonic Alliance meeting on September 12th on the Masonic Angel Fund program.  Michael also spoke to two Lodges in the Northern Worcester County area over the past few weeks.  He continues as an excellent evangelist for MAF.



William F. Reade, Jr. is the Grand Representative for the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island near the GRAC of Massachusetts.  He is also a member of Sylvester Baxter RAC, one of the York Rite bodies that pioneered York Rite support for the Masonic Angel Fund.
Bill visited the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Nova Scotia earlier this month and brought with him several adoption kits for the Masonic Angel Fund.  Not only were these kits provided to Royal Arch Chapters, they were given to several Blue Lodges and at least one Eastern Star Chapter.  Keep up the good work, Bill, as our "ambassador to the North"!



As stated above, KING HIRAM'S LODGE of Provincetown, MA adopted an MAF on September 11, 2000.  They now report giving their first charitable award on September 20th!  A young child in Truro came to school distraught over family financial problems which were about to lead to a shutoff of electricity to their home.  When the child finally was calmed and able to express this problem, school officials spoke with the parents and helped put together a "relief package" to get them through a temporary crisis.
A cornerstone of this relief package was a $100 contribution from King Hiram's Masonic Angel Fund to forestall the utility shutoff.
Those of you close to MAF know that we generally discourage awards to pay for utilities...etc.  However, this was the first request for assistance the Lodge received and the situation was indeed acute.  Sometimes the MAF's ability to respond *immediately* makes it the only viable means of helping with an emergency.  That is why we support an award of this special nature.
The first request Universal Lodge's fledgling Angel Fund received when we started was the well-publicized case of the family burned out in a fire.  This was a situation that required instant response - the kids had lost everything but the clothes on their back.  While $500 was more than we generally had hoped to award, this situation called for special consideration.
The moral of this story is that, while we all must maintain the "Ten Standards", there are times when we must be flexible to suit special emergencies.  The Masonic Angel Foundation staff applaud King Hiram's handling of this special situation!



While final numbers are not yet in, the first annual John H. Hockman Memorial Golf Outing was a great success!  Funds raised in this September 23rd event will be offered to Masonic Angel Funds in the Provincetown 32nd Masonic District (GL of Mass.) as "matching grants" against funds raised by the Lodges up to the threshold of the grant.
his event was sponsored by Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter.  The work of Chris Whichard and High Priest Don Haden on this project was truly outstanding!  Hats off to all who helped!